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The Importance of Heating Tune-Ups for the Colder Months

When and Why You Should Hire a Professional Heating Service Provider

As a rule of thumb, you should schedule heating tune-up services at least two times a year: before the winter comes and immediately after the cold season ends. The first service makes sense, but many people wonder why they need to schedule a heating service after the season ends. Well, the reason is pretty obvious: to prepare your system for “dormancy.” After a long season of supplying your home with heat, your HVAC/furnace may have developed problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible. By having your heating system serviced before and after the cold season, you ensure its high performance, endurance, and longevity.


Here are the main benefits of tuning up your heating system:

A longer lasting system

Every system loses energy efficiency over time. This is caused by many factors, including build-up in drains, natural wear and tear, or dust and dirt inside the components. Your technician will remove all dirt and debris from inside the system, clean all components, check the parameters of the system, and come up with a report with all the findings. If some of the internal components have suffered severe damage, then your technician will suggest replacement. The same goes for worn out parts. By replacing these components ahead of time, you basically extend the lifespan of your unit.


Improved performance

Another reason for performing regular maintenance on your heating system is to improve its performance. This means that you can improve its time response, energy consumption, and ability to ensure constant and comfortable temperatures. In order to do that, your technician will check the current functionality of the system, determine the weak points, and suggest areas for improvement. This may include a thorough cleaning, replacement of filters, or installing additional components.


The bottom line is that every homeowner should hire a heating service provider at least two times a year. If you’re looking for a professional contractor in Wilmington, NC, then look no further than Jerry and Son Heating and Air INC. We offer the most professional services at the most affordable rates. Call us at (910) 200-3855 for further information!