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Is It Time to Repair My Unit?

Signs you need HVAC repair

Your heating and cooling unit is one of the vital systems of your home. As it helps to ensure that your home remains cools in the summer and warm in the winter. Yet, as with any other system, it can occasionally break down. There are several signs which can help you determine if you need to contact an HVAC service.

Your energy bill has seriously grown

Among the first signs that you may need an HVAC repair are increased energy bills. This can indicate that part of your heating and cooling unit has malfunctioned. Which in turn causes it to work incorrectly and increase the amount of energy it consumes.

There are rooms which are more cooler/warmer than others

Another potential sign of HVAC repair is that some of the rooms of your home are warmer/cooler than others. This often indicates that certain sections of the system are unable for one reason or another to deliver the required amount of cold/warm air. In such cases, it is necessary to contact a professional to come and inspect the unit.

Strange noises or smells

The sound of the engine running when you turn your HVAC unit is among the normal sounds a perfectly running system should make. However, if there is clanking, clunking or grinding, then something is not right with your heating and cooling device. The same applies if there are strange odors such as the smell of something burning. In such cases, it would be best to contact a professional HVAC repair service.

There are several signs which can help you determine if your unit is in need of repair. These include increased energy bills, rooms which are unevenly cooled/warmed, and the presence of strange noises and smells. Should you notice any of these signs, contact a professional HVAC repair company. An example of one such contractor is Jerry and Son Heating and Air INC in Wilmington, NC.