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HVAC Maintenance and Mending

Common Causes for Heating Repair Service

An HVAC unit can last for many years, especially with proper maintenance. However, there are times when the system can break down due to one or more components malfunctioning. There are some which lead more often to the need to schedule heating repair service.

Blown fuses or clogged filters

Among the common causes for air conditioning repair are blown fuses and clogged filters. Fuses help to keep the unit from overheating while the filters help to keep pollutants from entering the system. These components are also among the first to be inspected should the unit break down. To prevent malfunctions, have your filters and fuses replaced when needed.

Compressor and refrigerant leaks

Another common set of causes for ac repair service are refrigerant leaks and subsequent issues in the compressor. Oftentimes, leaks occur in the lines close to the compressor and can be caused by old age, accidental damage and others. Should the levels of freon become too low the compressor will cease to work.

Drain lines, condenser coil and capacitors

The drain lines, condenser coil and capacitor are also among the common causes for heating repair service. Drain lines help to lead condensation away from the coil. When these pipes become clogged, moisture builds up inside and can lead to unwanted leaks, which can cause damage to the unit and the coils. Capacitors help to jumpstart your HVAC and keep it running. Should this component break down, the system will be unable to start.

There are several components in the HVAC system which can cause frequent repairs. These include the fuses, filters, and compressor. As well as the drain lines, condenser coil, and capacitors. While some of these can be replaced by the homeowner such as the filters, many require the expertise of a professional heating repair service due to the dangers they hold. An example of a professional contractor who can help with the fixing of these components is Jerry and Son Heating and Air INC in Wilmington, NC.