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Think Your Ductwork Is Blocked or Malfunctioning?

How Will a Heating Repair Service Repair Ducts?


Doing repairs on air conditioning ducts is very important. Even minor punctures will greatly reduce the efficiency of a system while increasing the cost of ensuring an inside space is kept at a comfortable heat. There are various choices when it comes down to duct repair, including some techniques which offer a temporary solution which will work until your local heating repair service shows up.


When it comes to fast duct repair on small leaks, one method is using duct tape. This kind of tape is designed to stick with ease and stay in place for long periods of time. Most brands are also resistant to the heat and cold, which means they could be used on heating ducts in addition to cooling ones, especially when condensation happens from time to time. While this is not the nicest of solutions visually, this kind of repair is fast and cheap.


Another instance of duct repair is using caulking to seal joints which may have leaks or any minor holes found within any of the sections of ductwork. Special caulking is specially made for this purpose and is able to withstand most changes of temperature, which makes it ideal to use on HVAC duct systems. Ensure to read any instructions which come with the caulking compound, to check that it is the right kind for your specific system.


In addition to sealing off any leaks, there is also ensuring metal ductwork does not rust or deteriorate. With this scenario, using products which make it possible to every now and then flush out the ducts so contaminants such as mold or mildew do not damage them or reduce the air quality within the area. Along with this, use a clear polymer or sealant on the outside of ducts to protect sections from exposure to the various weather and climate conditions. Performing this kind of maintenance can add on years to a system’s lifespan and reduce the need to call out your local heating repair service.


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